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10 Astonishing Mistakes Lawyers Make

Lawyers are really smart so it is surprising to see them make the same mistakes over and over again. These mistakes arise from a lack of knowledge about how Legal Project Management frameworks and disciplines can avoid or reduce ALL of the surprising mistakes and especially the worst mistake of all!

  1. Deliver late and think that it’s okay because the team put in a superhuman effort at the last minute!
  2. Know that they will miss a deadline and not tell the client until the last minute, afterwards or at all!
  3. Agree to a fixed timeframe without identifying and scheduling ALL the deliverables and activities!
  4. Agree to a fixed cost without clearly documenting scope, assumptions and external factors!

5. Dismiss the expertise of highly skilled professionals who can accelerate improvements!

6. Overlook the benefits of precedents in maintaining and improving work quality!

7. Underestimate the importance of inspiring and leading their legal teams!

8. Underestimate the value of clear and regular communication!

9. Assume they know exactly what their clients and stakeholders need!

10. Forget to maximise their personal productivity!

And the worst mistake of all …

Write off thousands of dollars rather than talk to a client about variations!

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Introduction to Legal Project Management Live Webinar
The Basalt Group

Our Founder, Therese Linton is a global leader in Legal Project Management and literally wrote the book on the subject. Through THE BASALT Group she has worked with thousands of lawyers to develop ground breaking Legal Project Management frameworks and introduce innovative ways of working that delights clients, reduces stress, improves work-life balance and leads to better legal outcomes.

She has a passion for improving the working lives of lawyers through the application of Legal Project Management frameworks and disciplines. The BASALT Group’s workshops, products and online learning are helping a new breed of lawyers to achieve great things.

Through the application of Legal Project Management and the related disciplines of Legal Portfolio Management Legal Team Management, Partners and Legal Team Leaders can –

  • Increase the productivity of their teams
  • Juggle competing priorities
  • Satisfy all their clients
  • Ensure all milestones are met across all matters
  • Deliver more positive legal outcomes; and
  • Reduce write offs

Individual lawyers will be able to get more done, increase quality, reduce stress and improve their work-life balance!


“Therese has delivered training for me when I was at Gilbert & Tobin and again in my role at McCabes, where we also engaged her to provide on the job coaching to our practice groups.  In the coaching she is gently persuasive, and is such an expert that is able to select exactly the right tool for every situation and every individual.”

Jane Hoban, Head of Knowledge & Transformation, McCabe Curwood

“Therese was really hard to find but I managed to track her down to deliver a CPD unit for the Partners at Swaab. She was terrific at creating understanding of the importance of discipline for individual lawyers and ensuring visibility of deliverables and schedules on legal matters. I am really happy to see her bringing her expertise to the global stage.”

Bronwyn Pott, former CEO Swaab Attorneys

“I’ve been working with Therese for years, during that time she worked with us to create Ashurst’s Legal Project Management Framework and introduced my team of Legal project Managers to amazingly simple tools that have increased their productivity.”

Rachael Moore, Global Head of Legal Project Management, Ashurst

“The number of our matters doubled unexpectedly one January.  The lawyers who were actively using the frameworks and tools introduced by Therese sailed through it and the others really struggled to keep up.”

Ben Martin, Joint Managing Partner, Norton White

Managing Legal Projects

Legal Project Management (LPM) is becoming a pivotal discipline in the legal sector. It helps lawyers to deliver on time and on budget; drive efficiencies and improve productivity; delight your clients; and regain their work-life balance.

The BASALT Group aims to take the current levels of general awareness amongst lawyers to the next level of competency. We will do this by working with lawyers to change their ways of working through the application of legal project management disciplines, tools and techniques.

The core disciplines include – Matter Scoping; Matter Scheduling; Matter Costing; Resourcing & People Management; Client & Stakeholder Management; and Monitoring & Controlling.

Managing Legal Portfolios

Legal Portfolio Management is different to Legal Project Management. A portfolio is an organised collection of legal matters that will see improved results from coordinated oversight and resource allocation. More productivity and efficiency improvements are achieved when lawyers and legal teams use LPM to deliver every matter. And Partners and Team Leaders use Legal Portfolio Management to ensure visibility of all milestones and to allocate team members across all matters within the portfolio.

The disciplines of Legal Portfolio Management support legal teams to efficiently and effectively juggle the competing demands and priorities of many different legal matters and clients. These disciplines include – Portfolio Planning; Workforce Planning; Legal Project Management, Practice Management; Resourcing & People Management; and Client & Stakeholder Management.

Managing Legal Teams

The effective management of legal teams is critical to the successful delivery of legal matters. Just as with any project related activity, legal outcomes are achieved for clients and stakeholders by allocating and leading people to undertake the work. Legal matters only get done because there is someone working on them – an individual lawyer or a team of lawyers.

It is important to ensure that the right lawyers with the right skills, experience and behaviours are assigned to the legal work. It is even more important to ensure that the legal team is managed effectively so that all client outcomes can be achieved by delivering on time, on budget and satisfying the expectations. The core disciplines of involved in managing legal teams are – leadership; communication; and team work. A foundation requirement is being able to manage personal productivity.

The Legal Project Management Inner Circle is an exclusive private group for lawyers and legal project managers who are determined to accelerate their achievement of LPM competencies. In this space you will feel welcomed and supported. Everyone will be encouraged to celebrate and share their achievements and progress.

You will learn tips and tricks to improve your legal project management capabilities so that you can maintain control of your work and delight your clients and stakeholders.

I will share regular learning units, as well as stories from my experience. This will bring to life the tools and frameworks that I have developed through my work with thousands of lawyers and legal project managers over the last decade.

All members will be encouraged to support each other by asking questions and sharing learnings and experiences in a positive way.

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