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Managing Legal Projects

Legal Project Management (LPM) is becoming a pivotal discipline in the legal sector.

My aim is to take the current levels of general awareness amongst lawyers to the next levels of competency and to show that the application of legal project management disciplines, tools and techniques will greatly improve the processes of providing legal services.

LPM focuses on a commitment to improving efficiency and client service.

Adapted from complex project management frameworks into a concentrated suite of knowledge and tools, when applied with related standards, it will significantly improve the outcomes and management of legal matters.

I look forward to you joining me in the Legal Project Management Inner Circle.

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“Excellent new grounded way of thinking about scope and costing that all law firm Partners (and Lawyers) should be exposed to. 8 out of 10”

Partner, Corney and Lind Lawyers

“Very practical session and good structure as a small, interactive group. Excellent overview of the skills lawyers need to become better project managers of legal matters.”

Partner, Williams Graham Carmen

The Legal Project Management Inner Circle is an exclusive private group for lawyers and legal project managers who are determined to accelerate their achievement of LPM competencies. In this space you will feel welcomed and supported. Everyone will be encouraged to celebrate and share their achievements and progress.

You will learn tips and tricks to improve your legal project management capabilities so that you can maintain control of your work and delight your clients and stakeholders.

I will share regular learning units, as well as stories from my experience. This will bring to life the tools and frameworks that I have developed through my work with thousands of lawyers and legal project managers over the last decade.

All members will be encouraged to support each other by asking questions and sharing learnings and experiences in a positive way.

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