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Here at The BASALT Group, we are striving to improve the qualities within the Legal Industry, whether that be through the daily processes and procedures undertaken daily by its workforce, through giving Legal Professionals the tools and techniques to enhance their own skills and abilities that align with the new ideal and values expected by its clients or whether that be through education and training to influence firms as a whole.

Its founder Therese Linton has been heavily involved in the Legal Industry with her Legal Project Management influence, and is now a global expert in the field that has seen her techniques create enormous changes with client satisfaction, employee/employer relationships, job satisfaction and Legal Firms experiencing exponential growth through efficient implementation of LPM tools and techniques.

Now we are bringing the knowledge that was once only available through Partner recognition and acceptance of Workshops and training to the individuals. The one’s who really count, the one’s who make a firm what they are today. Sure leadership and direction is a necessity but it couldn’t be done without the efforts of the Legal Industry Lawyers, Associates, etc. Now in an era where everyone demands excellence, and in particular excellence in SELF, online knowledge and learning is the catalyst to seeing an industry evolve to see Lawyers bringing their own brand of knowledge, experience and skills to wherever they find themselves conducting their craft.

Our passion is to see Lawyers create their own success through the application of LPM and Personal Productivity techniques, and we aim to inspire you to transform and achieve great things. So browse through the online learning materials below. They are all free downloads available for you to use to as part of your Legal Toolkit.

Free Online Learning Resources

Personal Productivity Checklist

Find out what tools you can implement in order to free yourself from the overwhelm of work related issues that are making it hard for you to focus, get results and feel like you are contributing and making an impact in the work place. All industries create pressures that have significant impact on the individuals that work in them…not many as high as that of the Legal Profession.

With these minor changes in Personal Productivity habits…the effects of overwhelm and pressures to work above average hours are drastically reduced, if not completely eliminated, when these tools are used in conjunction with discipline and commitment to creating these new daily work routines and habits. Download the checklist and see that it won’t take much to make a positive change.

CPD Points For Lawyers

Get an overview of the LPM framework and how it will improve your ways of working.   

These project management practices have been tailored for the legal profession so you’ll be able to deliver on time, on budget and delight your clients whilst also satisfying your CPD requirements!
You will learn
  • The foundation of ALL project based work – the TRIPLE CONSTRAINT.
  • The two key LPM precedents that will significantly improve your delivery – Matter Overviews and Matter Structures.
  • How to consider interrelationships and develop the Matter Timeline so that you never miss a deadline again.
  • How to accurately cost a matter to drive more effective Matter Pricing and reduce write offs.

Get The Competitive Edge

Download a checklist that explains the tools that will give you the focus and commitment to set goals, create easy actionable plans and follow through with conviction and determination to work smarter, efficiently and effectively without having to compromise on living your life and still get the results, the bonuses, the rewards and the promotions.

Do you sometimes look at the ultimately successful Lawyers and wonder how do they do it? They don’t work as hard as you, they aren’t smarter then you and they seem to have more time then you to live a life that most dream of. Well it’s just a system of habits and routines that they have created, whether they are aware of it or not. Now we are giving you the opportunity to consciously create the same results. You will create the same habits that the successful professionals have and get that competitive edge that makes them stand out from the crowd and get the results. So download the FREE checklist below to start the journey to your dream life NOW!


“I learnt more in a few hours with Therese than I learnt in three days with another leading LPM trainer.”

Partner, National Law Firm

“Useful and practical ideas for implementing better project management in my legal practice. 8 out of 10”

Senior Associate, Allen & Overy

“Excellent.  Really useful and practical suggestions I can implement on my return to work. 9 out of 10.”

Partner, Finlaysons Lawyers

“I will be able to put the lessons learned into practice and deliver better outcomes for my firm and my clients.  Therese is a very engaging presenter. 10 out of 10”

Partner, McCullouch Robertson

“Excellent new grounded way of thinking about scope and costing that all law firm Partners (and Lawyers) should be exposed to. 8 out of 10”

Partner, Corney and Lind Lawyers

“Very practical session and good structure as a small, interactive group. Excellent overview of the skills lawyers need to become better project managers of legal matters.”

Partner, Williams Graham Carmen