10 Astonishing Mistakes that Lawyers Make

Lawyers are really smart so it is surprising to see them make the same mistakes over and over again. These mistakes arise from a lack of knowledge about how Legal Project Management frameworks and disciplines can avoid or reduce ALL of the surprising mistakes and especially the worst mistake of all!

  1. Deliver late and think that it’s okay because the team put in a superhuman effort at the last minute!
  2. Know that they will miss a deadline and not tell the client until the last minute, afterwards or at all!
  3. Agree to a fixed timeframe without identifying and scheduling ALL the deliverables and activities!
  4. Agree to a fixed cost without clearly documenting scope, assumptions and external factors!
  5. Dismiss the expertise of highly skilled professionals who can accelerate improvements!
  6. Overlook the benefits of precedents in maintaining and improving work quality!
  7. Underestimate the importance of inspiring and leading their legal teams!
  8. Underestimate the value of clear and regular communication!
  9. Assume they know exactly what their clients and stakeholders need!
  10. Forget to maximise their personal productivity!

And the worst mistake of all …

Write off thousands of dollars rather than talk to a client about variations!

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